Frequently Asked Questions for Sellers

Who can sell on GetDogProducts?

 Anyone who is a maker or independent seller of any type of dog products can set up shop and sell on GetDogProducts. GetDogProducts was built specifically to support makers and small business owners.

Is there a cost to set up shop on GetDogProducts?

Setting up shop is free. GetDogProducts offers our sellers an opportunity to set up shop for free with no listing fees. The only time a seller is charged is when a transaction or sale occurs. We charge a 5% commission plus the card processing fee of 3% + $0.30 charge per successful transaction.

Am I limited to the type of dog products I can sell on GetDogProducts?

Not at all. You’ll find that dog owners love to buy all kinds of things for their fur babies. We just ask that whatever you’re selling not be deemed offensive, derogatory, or insensitive in any way.

Is there a minimum number of products/SKUs I must have in my store at any given time?

Nope. Sell only a single product or sell a hundred.

How are returns/refunds handled?

That’s up to each seller to decide and display on their storefronts. Each seller has the ability to display their individual terms and conditions on their store page. Within the vendor dashboard, the link to refund an order or part of the order is available.

Can I make my email visible for customers or prospective customers to contact me?

Yes, in your profile you can select or deselect “Show email address in store” 

Is there a minimum amount required to transfer earnings?

No. If you have sales, you can transfer your sales to your bank account.

Will my “shop name” be included in my GetDogProducts URL to direct customers to my shop?

Yes, the shop name you enter will become your GetDogProducts URL.

Q: Can I use my GetDogProducts URL in my marketing material?

Yes, absolutely!

Q: Why does “My account” take me to a different dashboard?

My account allows you to manage your personal consumer related activities (if you happen to make a purchase on GetDogProducts) and the Vendor dashboard helps you manage your store.